The Cost of Moving House in Melbourne: What to Expect


Changing your current residence is fascinating and complicated, especially if you want to estimate all the costs. If you’re preparing to move, budget for all potential expenses and choose a dependable house mover in Melbourne; this will ensure a smooth relocation free from unexpected financial burdens and safeguard your belongings against damage, loss, or theft.

Removalist Fees

Hiring a removalist organisation is one of the primary expenses of transferring house. These charges can vary broadly depending on several elements:

  • Distance: Local moves are typically less expensive than lengthy-distance relocations.
  • Volume and Weight of Belongings: The more items you have, the higher the price.
  • Services Required: Basic services typically encompass loading, transport, and unloading, while full-service options may also include packing and unpacking, which can significantly increase the cost.
  • Access Issues: If your new home has stairs, lean doors, or a giant distance from the truck to the door, the cost can be increased due to the more significant labour worries.

It is wise to get quotes from several house movers in Melbourne to examine prices and offerings.

Packing Materials

If you choose to buy packing materials for your move, make sure to purchase these items for smooth and safe packaging:

  • Boxes: Different sizes for different needs.
  • Packing Tape: To securely seal the boxes.
  • Bubble Wrap and Packing Paper: This is for wrapping fragile items.
  • Marker Pens and Labels: To organise and label boxes for easier unpacking.

For those considering startup companies, the primary element you must understand is that the cost of the materials, whether significant or exceptional, will decide your purchase rate, which ranges from $100 to $500. Many house movers in Melbourne supply their clients with those materials as part of their service package; for this reason, you may choose to get them from them as they are cheaper than buying the materials on your own.

Cleaning Costs

Typically, cleaning both the previous and new home is essential, especially if you rent the property and aim to receive the full deposit back. The value of hiring a person who cleans in Melbourne would be between $200 and $ 200, depending on the dimensions of the property and the venture to hand. 

As an additional precaution, ensure your new residence is cleaned before you move in, allowing you to enjoy living in a spotlessly clean space. Your chosen house mover in Melbourne might offer this service at a reduced cost if included in the complete moving package.


If you choose insurance, the strain can be off the hook, as the objects could be insured for any harm or damage during the relocation. The coverage value could be influenced by the actual worth of your valuables and the extent of coverage insurance you need. Generally, it is justified spending, and you should buy insurance if you have any valuable items.


Sometimes, you may need to store your belongings, for example, if you are delayed getting into your new house. In such cases, you’ll require temporary storage, and many house movers in Melbourne offer storage solutions. Storage costs are generally based on your objects’ dimensions and the storage length. However, the monthly price for a unit can vary from approximately $150 to $350.

Pet and Plant Transport

If you have pets or large plants, special arrangements might be required. Transporting pets safely may involve hiring specialised pet relocation services, especially for longer distances, and could cost $100 to $300. Similarly, giant plants that require special handling could increase your moving costs.

Miscellaneous Fees

Additional expenses may include:

  • Parking Permits: Required if the moving truck needs to park in restricted zones.
  • Equipment Rental: If you decide to involve yourself in some of the move management, tools such as dolly and furniture pads, or as an alternative, some extra moving equipment might be required.
  • Incidental Costs: It is necessary to allocate about 10% of your total moving budget to the contingency fund (to make up for costs that appear without prior notice).

Budgeting Tips

  • Compare and Schedule Wisely

Begin by obtaining estimated quotes from various removalists in Melbourne. Compare the costs and a wide array of services, including insurance and secure packing, to choose the right one. Consider shifting during off-peak times, including weekdays and mid-month, which generally provide more outstanding affordable fees than weekends and month-ends when demand is at its highest.

  • Self-Preparation

You can reduce costs by thoroughly decluttering your private home and promoting or donating objects you have not used. You can also consider moving your possessions with whatever materials you have on hand, like boxes from nearby grocery stores. Ensure everything is packed and ready before the removalists arrive to save their time, which directly translates to saving money.

  • Insurance and Negotiation

Review your existing moving insurance to check if it covers all goods in transit or if additional coverage from the removalists in Melbourne is necessary. Also, don’t hesitate to negotiate prices, especially if you are booking early or require extensive services. Companies often have flexibility in pricing to secure your business, especially if you come recommended or have been referred by past customers.

Final Thoughts

The comprehension and budgeting for different expenses when moving house in Melbourne is advisable and paramount for the journey to be relatively smooth. This approach involves getting many quotes, moving off-peak hours to save, and preparing in advance, which will help you reasonably cut your expenses. Remember to eliminate unnecessary stuff or pack on your own to bring costs down, too. 

It is advisable to have adequate insurance policies for unexpected damages. Experienced movers like Puzzle Removalists Melbourne bring extensive expertise; their services include thorough planning and budget discipline, ensuring your move is enjoyable and cost-effective.


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